01 March 2013

Project 365: February

Good ol' February - you're short, just like me!

This month was full of foggy mornings and rainy afternoons. It sounds much better than it actually was. I am hoping and praying that March will bring lots of sunshine and butterflies into my world. I did have a pretty great month even with all of the rain. I traveled to Charlotte to see my parents and ate some of the best food of my life at Bucca, quickly after that I decided to do a 2 week eat-out detox, we celebrated our 7th Valentine's day, I made some sweet treats, and tried lots of new recipes, I failed miserably at my workout routine and threw a Mad-Hatter themed bridal shower for one of my very best friends.

2013 has had a very slow start as far as productivity goes, but busy as far as how-fast-can-my-legs-possibly-move goes....busy and unproductive, story of my life!



  1. we need to see this mad hatter shower!

  2. I can totally relate to the feeling of constantly moving but getting little done. But then you look back at your month and you've done so much! The productivity will get into place too. Wish you a happy March!

    Sunshine Over The Mountains

  3. foggy mornings and rainy afternoons sound kind of lovely. always a good excuse to curl up inside with a book and a cup-o-joe. here's to a new month! happy march.

  4. Foggy mornings and rainy afternoons sounds kind of romantic when put like that...but I know what you mean, it's not so pleasant! Bring on March!!

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

  5. I feel ya on the crummy February. I already feel like March is better, but I can't tell if it's legit or just because February felt so... blah. Lovely collection of 365 shots!


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