01 April 2013

Giveaway Winner + Excuses

Does the whole Internet hate me for not posting my giveaway winner on Friday?? Yeah...that's what I thought. Well, last week I did something really stupid and completely wiped out my Mac. Cue gasp now. As in, not only did I lose everything on it, but I cannot get it to download the software to boot it back up. Right now it just sits with a grey screen. I would have already taken it to the Apple store but I was in a wedding this weekend that was out of town. I know, I know. Whatever.

Aaannnyyywwwaaayyysss let's announce a winner!!! Drum roll.....

Congrats Eunice! Send your contact info to me [at] aflynn920@yahoo.com and ill get this bad boy out to you!!

Thanks for all of the support! I can't wait to do another give away soon!! Ill be back to my regular posting as soon as I have my computer back! Wish me luck :)

1 comment:

  1. oh my. my mouth just dropped reading this post. UGHHH, so sorry and i hope your mac "feels better" soon. :/ nightmare! ...and pretty sure the whole internet doesn't hate you :)


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