04 July 2011

Day 4

My Parents

Today's post is all about mom and pop!

I am lucky enough to be an only child and I get all of the love attention from both of my parents. I really couldn't imagine it any other way - cue only child syndrome. Although now that I'm married I have to share the christmas presents, but I'm getting used to it (joking!)

I really do have great parents....they raised me to be the person I am today. (wow, this 'only child syndrome' is really getting worse as my post continues...) They kept me in church and taught me how to choose friends who will lift me up and not drag me down.  I know the meaning of hard work and how to respect others - and myself!
I know that all of the great wisdom that my parents planted into my life will help to make be the best parent that I can be someday too. I am lucky to have two strong loving people helping me though life and I know that no matter what happens they are always there for me. 

Love you guys!!

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