19 July 2011

Day 14

A picture of you last year -
How have you changed?

Well, one thing is pretty obvious...
I'm not blonde anymore, and I added blunt bangs too.

I'm constantly changing my look, though. I've already planned my next hair style/color for after the ceremony!! It's just a fun way to keep things new. I've joked before that I might post a montage of different hair styles over the past year or so...it would be pretty funny. I just might do that one day. 
There are actually a lot of things about this picture that are different now...namely that the office has moved rooms and I've painted my desk from green to white. Both good decisions. 
But I do miss my blonde hair...

1 comment:

  1. Cute dog!! :)

    I'd love if you could visit my fashion blog

    x H


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