10 July 2011

day 8

A place you've traveled to

Viva Las Vegas!!
Craig and I haven't gone on too many vacations since we've been married, but we did take a few days for my birthday last year and flew out to Vegas! It was soo much fun!

Beautiful water show!

We even had a friend that we hadn't seen in a long time meet us out there! He lives in Arizona so he drove a few hours and we spent the whole day together! It was such a blast - and this was the BEST restaurant we went to the whole time we were there...I hope we can go back again!

Famous cowboy!

We stayed at NewYork NewYork and it was such a good decision, what a fun hotel! ...but I'm sure they're all fun!

This room was probably the most surprising thing I saw while we were out there (okay...maybe not) all of these people are betting on different games that were going on...it was really intense.

While we were out there we saw Cirque du Soleil, which honestly was like the scariest thing I've ever been to. Man, those people are really in character...but I would totally go back again, it was amazing! Also I found out that I'm pretty awesome at roulette...I doubled the money that I took with me, and I even won some for Richard too!

I love vacations, I'm so excited to tell you all where Craig and I are going on our 'honeymoon'! We officially booked the trip this morning! .....only a few more weeks!

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