04 February 2012

365 Challenge: Week 5

29. Laundry Duty
30. Making progress in my upholstery class
31. Norah's cone
1. First day back at the gym
2. Sending out the mail
3. Pretty nails
4. Kennedy likes to sleep in on the weekends

This Week...
Was sooooooo looonnngggg!
Norah got all her lady bits taken out.
I started the @febphotoaday...
...you can find me on instagram @ashflynnn
Ive been cooking up a sweet DIY for next week!
I started my ''training'' - so far, so good!
We finally went grocery shopping.
I got a sweet Valentines day card from back home :)
Our tv might have crashed, not completely but talk about bad timing with the Super Bowl!
We watched John Mulaney's "New in Town" stand up
over and over..
I worked...a lot. Like, a lot.

Honestly, I'm so happy this week is over. I'm ready to kick next week off right by having the day off with Craigy tomorrow...we have plans for a yummy breakfast, church, and planting ourselves in front of the tv to watch the Pats kick butt in the Super Bowl! (hoping our tv holds on for just one more day!)

Happy February! 


  1. This is so cool! It is going to be awesome to look back and have a picture a day :)


  2. Ohh love your nail polish color and ring... very pretty :) And the photo of your dog in bed is SO cute!

  3. 365 project sounds fun! Maybe next year for me. Loved seeing your blog-- visit me too!
    Hannah at www.thrivingthirty.tumblr.com


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