07 February 2012

A lovely DIY

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be doing my very first DIY! I love using water colors and thought it would be nice to send out some hand made valentines this year :)

Here's what you'll need:
1. bowl of water
2. blank notecards
3. white crayon
4. watercolors
5. paintbrush

Step One: Draw
For this part I decided to print out a cute font and trace the letters. I found this made it easier to keep the letters uniform...but its also fun to free-style it and see how it turns out!

Step Two: Paint

I love mixing colors and giving it more of an 'ombre' look. Keep in mind the more water you use the lighter the color will be, the less water you use the darker it will be. I used less water with the pink color at the top and more water with the peach color at the bottom. And the best part? Each card will be different!

Step 4: Press!
When your card starts to dry it will more than likely be wavey, unless you use really thick paper. Even still, I like to put the cards in a large book and press for a few hours.
Now you're ready to mail out your love letters!
Who will you send yours to?



  1. how pretty!! I want to make cards for friends like that, thank u for sharing :D

  2. oh i love this! and i love your darling blog! you are so cute and i am beyond happy about stumbling across your little blog and to follow. thanks for the ideas and the inspiration! xo brooke

  3. very cute! I love how simple and pretty it is. And totally kid-friendly!

  4. Ooh, this is lovely! A great tutorial, and so cute!

  5. very cute. i will have to try this sometime. now where are my crayons?

  6. So pretty! I just sent out all my Valentine things for family this morning, dangit! (Talk about missing something by a hair.) Next year...


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