23 February 2012

5 things I totally love...right now

1Ruche's Spring 2012 lookbook
Could it be more magical?!!

2Safe & Sound
okay..stop your judging...there will always be a special place in you-know-where for Taylor Swift for dating my man, Jake, BUT I loooove The Civil Wars and The Hunger Games aaand this song just so happens to be amazingly beautiful. So whatever. Taylor Swift you might have won a point or two with this one...but I still wont forgive you. 

I've been extremely inspired by these silk scarves all week. Apparently they were dyed with vegetables?! Now all I want to do is dye things all day. ::sigh:: 

4This Faux Terrarium
Please Note did this adorable Terrarium post on Skunkboy Creatures this week. I've been working on something similar for a project and think these little mushrooms are adorable!

I swear.  Every single piece from this shop is amazing. 

These are just a few things that I'm loving right now. I'm finding myself extremely inspired by sooo many things lately, but unfortunately I have zero time to complete anything. 
Ready for the weekend!! 

Whoop Whoop!!


  1. taylor swift is one talented lady! no wonder everyone loves her!

  2. Totally agreeing with the Ruche lookbook. So pretty and so springy.


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