13 February 2012

Sunday with the Flynns...


On Sunday we
Enjoyed waffles at home in our pjs
Went into the city for lunch at Firkin and Gryphon where they had the most amazing turkey burgers and sweet potato tots ever!
Played a game of pool - I definitely lost.
Did some shopping at Craigs favorite hardware store and at the mall afterwards.
Unfortunately I did not buy those sunnies.
Went back home for a little nap
Enjoyed some Christmas popcorn (its still good!) and snuggled with the puppies

I love having days off with my husband - they dont come very often but when they do I love to soak up every minute of them.


  1. so. much. fun! I really love days off with my husband too. we just had waffles last night - I made them crazy big and topped them with strawberries, whipped cream and maple syrup. yum!! LOVE the pool table pic too! xoxo B


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