11 February 2011

Valentine's Day Pt1

Well, this year (to avoid the crowds) the husband and I have decided to celebrate Valentine's Day a few days early. So we'll do the lovey dovey thing tonight. I'm actually really excited, I feel like we haven't spent any time together over the past few weeks. I just started a new job, Craig has work and meetings throughout the week....and every other second goes to the cafe at church or me getting ready for the stylehouse *I'll tell you more about that later! epppp!!!*
Nothing too crazy tonight just dinner and maybe dessert somewhere...or a movie. No chocolates though, cause I cant have them. Wait. Should I have bought him chocolates? Crap.

While I think on that here are some ADORABLE Valentine's Day inspired treats and goodies....



Hand Stamped Guitar Pick

Felt Fortune Cookie

Heart Garland

This would look so cute in a frame above my sewing desk!


love letter cookies....so sweet!!

Even Kennedy-Buttons should get a treat!

Side note: Craigy calls me shorty all the time...so I thought it was real cute that was the name of their shop :)

BTW have you all been over to Green Wedding Shoes lately?? oh em gee! They have the most amazing Valentines Day inspired feature...you have got to check it out!!
click the picture

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!!
Do you have anything fun planned?

1 comment:

  1. LOVE that heart garland! I'm excited about your stylehouse announcement!!! Hope your Valentine's celebration is perfect...happy weekend!


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