05 January 2011

5 things i totally love...right now

1 Dressing up my dog
Poor Kennedy-Buttons would hate me for this but its sooo funny!

2 Making wedding plans!
Okay, I'm sure a few of you have been a little confused. 
I've mentioned planning my wedding this year...and I've mentioned my 'hubby'
Well, in September my sweet Craigy and I will have been married for 5 years (wowza!) but we didn't have a ''ceremony'' when we tied the knot so we're going back and doing it all over again. Engagement pictures, wedding, honeymoon...the works :) 
yes. it is awesome.

3 This DIY boutonniere tutorial 
Does that fall under the same category as #2? 
Oh well!
(So sorry! I cannot find where this came from originally)

4 Reusable sammie/snack bags
so much better than plastic...aaaand they're adorable :)
do your part. 

5 Dexter
Craig and I just started watching this...we're about to start the 3rd season on Netflix. No spoilers! 


  1. Love weddings, can't wait to hear more about your plans! :)

  2. My husband and I are watching Dexter on Netflix too, but we are on season 4. I love it!


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