30 January 2011

sunday loafing

looove these fabric stickers from lovemaestore. I just bought a new laptop today and will probably be in the market for some type of decoration to make it my own, those top little critters would be so cute! eeeppp I just love the deer!

Fishbone Deco has some of the BEST vintage finds that I've seen anywhere...amazing phones, typwriters, electric curlers, bathroom scales and tons of nicknacks. And the colors are so exciting! Do yourself a solid and go check it out! 

I normally dont do so many items from each store, but I feel like I hit the etsy jackpot today! This shop, Three Red Apples, has the sweetest embroidered wall art pieces. I swear one day I want to have an entire wall of just these. 
No, really. 

Of course, you all know that I'm in the early stages of planning our big event for September, so all the little wedding details are consistently in my search engine. I came across these amazing flower clips from mignonnehandmade....you could use them on your clothing as well but I think they would be amazing for my bridesmaids hair. 

Thats all for today, I hope you all had an amazing weekend...wish me luck on my first day back to work tomorrow!! 


  1. Oh, great finds! Those flower clips are amazing...

  2. These are all great! I love those animals stickers and I just visited fisbone deco. Awesome shop! Thanks!


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