15 January 2011

5 things i totally love...right now

1 this dress from gap
i looove the color and the zipper in the front!

Just because I'm allergic to apples and I don't drink coffee, doesn't mean I cant love these little cuties :) 

3 Magic Color Picker Pen!
Okay, this might be the most amazing thing I've ever seen! This pen has a scanner at the top of it...after you scan something (anything!) the pen then mixes the different inks inside to create the color you've chosen....!!! What?! Thats ridiculous! 

4 These Handmade Nesting Bowls
I love how simple and unique this set is...and the little dot in the center. 
so sweet!!

5 Happy Birthday Nails
This nail polish is called ''Happy Birthday'' by Lippmanns. I found this amazing photo from The Clothes Horse....this is so much fun, I might just have to do it for my birthday coming up sooooon!!


  1. I adore that nail polish color! Too cute!

  2. that pen is crazy!!!! i am your newest follower!


  3. That is the most amazing pen I have ever seen. Forreal. hah.


  4. omg the pen! That's a whole day of fun just walking around with a piece of paper and that pen! what to scan next.... hmm.... :D
    that would be an amazing concept for makeup too!! any colour nailpolish you want, or the perfect matching foundation!!

  5. Um. I think my mind just exploded because of that pen.

  6. No way! I cannot believe that pen. Genius piece of work. I would be obsessed if I got my hands on one!


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