07 January 2011


Here is my vision board for the year!!! eeep! Sorry the lighting isn't great, it doesn't seem like the sun wants to come out today. I made these frames a few weeks ago for Craig and I to hang on the wall. We used to make these every so often on poster board and tuck them away in a closet, but I really want it to be something I see every single day to keep me motivated! Okay, let me walk you through this collage of craziness...so you'll notice a lot of the things here are from my Hello 2011 post I made a few days ago. At the top I started with working out...a very generic new year resolution, but I'm not so much concerned with the 'work out' as I am about my goal of running a 5k. Self-Sufficient is my word for 2011! I want to set myself up to be running my own shop or making my own designs and to be profitable. Right under the word is a picture of how I want to set up my laundry room, basic idea maybe just a little more colorful. The next section (top right) is all about my diy endeavors I hope to take on. Working with Craig to build our console for the entry way and learning how to use his jigsaw for a few ideas I've had running around in my head are just a couple things that I'm planing on doing. The bottom section is completely dedicated to my craft ideas...pillows, dresses, handbags, fabric flowers, reusable bags....the works. If you look at the bottom right corner you'll see my fortune from our dinner a few days ago, I thought it was the most perfect thing I've ever heard. "You would prosper in the field of wacky inventions." Yes. That is exactly what it says. Then, right above that are a few images of the wedding. The images on the vision board might not be of the very specific thing that I want to do or make but it keeps it on the top of my mind. 

If you visualize you will materialize.


  1. that's a great way to help you remember your goals. Cute!

  2. love your vision board. i need to get on that...love rhonda byrnes! the secret is amazing. your blog is adorable.



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