29 January 2011

5 things i totally love...right now

1 Picking out bridesmaid dresses
Here are two that I've been thinking about using. These colors would be different, but I'm not 'releasing' my colors yet...I still haven't for sure decided. These are from TingBridal, and she has 12 short dresses to choose from and like a million different colors...so lovely. 

2 French Macaroons
I want to make these so badly! Craig and I have just taken over the coffee shop at our church and I think these would be adorable to sell there! I should start looking for a good recipe....in the mean time you should check these out from EasternCookie, they look almost too goo to eat!

3 Superstay Color from Maybelline
I swear this stuff will last allllllllll day. No really, I mean it. Its amazing!

I love these adorable personalized prints. The mix tape makes me think of our 'dating days'....not that we actually made mix tapes for each other...cds count, right?

 5 my two favorite little girls in the whole world
I got to talk to them today. It made me really happy  :)


  1. Mmmm macaroons. I've tried other kinds of long lasting lip gloss, but it always dries my lips out

  2. That first bridesmaid dress is gorgeous! I love that it's different...it has a little something!


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