19 January 2011

5 things i totally love...right now

1 Pencil Skirts
I just recently bought my first pencil skirt the other day (I know...shocker!!) for an interview and I fell in looooove! So naturally I went out and bought a second one the next day! 

2 Plates
If you ask my husband what I would do with an extra 50 bucks...he would probably tell you that I would buy, yet another, set of plates (or bowls!!) I have a serious obsession, and vesselsandwares isnt exactly helping me keep it under control! Aren't these just the most precious dessert plates you've ever seen?!

3 Isn't it so true??
This is actually a book, of which I haven't read....but I think I would like to have this as a print to frame...and hang it right next to my linen closet....and then I wouldn't feel so bad for just balling up the 
fitted sheet and going about my day :)

I love this shop because she uses a lot of vintage brass and recycled fabrics...not to mention her pieces are gorgeous! 

5 Early Birthday Presents!!
eeekk!! Birthdays are like the most fun evvv-eeer!! And my adorably sweet husband gave me these cute presents early!! Happy Birthday to me tomorrow, we'll be traveling to Charlotte to see our besties and some family! I'm sure I'll have lots of fun photos to show you!

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Thanks!! :)


  1. Oh, I love pencil skirts, too! I have some beautiful vintage ones that I scored at the thrift store. They are a wardrobe staple now!

  2. Happy Birthday! I love that fabric bracelet. I'm heading over to that store right now :)

  3. Hi Ashleigh!!

    This is Guisela from "Underanewlight"
    I'm so glad that you love my work! Thank you so much for the feature!!.


  4. Gorgeous finds, i specially love under a new light jewellery! and such fabulous pre-birthday presents!

  5. Lovely and yes we all love GG from underanewlight. like your early birthday presents


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