09 December 2010

5 things i totally love...right now

I live in the moment. I like what I like...right now :)
and thats alllllways changing!
Heres a few things that I'm totally loving at this very moment....

1 Metric
Seriously, if you havent listened to them: run, dont walk, straight to itunes!
your ipod will thank you...

2 Latte Bowls from Anthropologie
at only $5 a piece, why wouldnt you love them?

3. These boots! 
and please tell me how cute are the knee highs with them?!
I have no idea where these are from, unfortunately, but I love them! 

4 Organic woodland bedding from PotteryBarn
I haven't been able to sleep much lately due to this nasty cold
but I can surely imagine crawling into this extra fluffy bed (they use 2 duvet inserts btw)
and drifting to a far away place.. :) 

5 Keep Calm and Carry On
Yes, I know you've seen this 1,000 times
but I cant help it. I love it!
You can find these all over the place, here's a shop on etsy that sells them in any color. 

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