13 December 2010

12 days of Christmas

I'm not sure about you, but I'm getting pretty freaking excited about Christmas!
This year we're having a ton of family come into town to spend this holiday 
at OUR house!! 

+ + + + 

Here are a few little items that I wouldn't mind having in my stocking this year 

These are about the most amazing soaps I have ever seen...almost too pretty to use!
$6-$7/bar @ intentions
Order by Dec.20 to receive by Christmas

I'm a lover of real napkins
I found these a few months ago and have been in love ever since
$39.95 Dinner Napkins
$19.95 Cocktail Napkins

These bags are so sweet!
Use them at the grocery store and they'll carry 2-3 times the amount that a regular plastic bag will carry. They come in a million different colors and sizes.
$8 @ Baggu 
Do your part.

Okay, okay! Maybe these wont fit in my stocking...but that wont stop me from loving them!
$32 for a set of 3 @ FrenchBull
You can s-q-u-e-e-z-e them in!! 

Stockings are notorious for having fun and silly items hiding in them.
Just in case you forgot how that boo-boo came about 
heres your reminder. 
"oh yeah! i forgot about that ninja fight!"

Mineral eye shadows are my fav!
Pick 2 for $8 @ purenaturalminerals
support your local artist!

I fell in love with these a looong time ago. 
I have absolutely no excuse as to why I haven't bought them yet.
They're small produce bags to take along to the grocery store
[[aaand they wont effect the weight of your product]]
they have multiple sizes available!

These organizers are perfection! 
come on..we all need to get it together

Dear Santa...that is all :)

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