26 December 2010

Family Fun!

Craig and I definitely agree that this Christmas was the best one we've had so far! All of our family from Charlotte came to visit us! What a blessing :)

Santa was very good to us (Craig made sure that he knew EXACTLY what he wanted, lol)
Andy's face is priceless here!
But it wasnt about the gifts this year (although I wouldnt trade my new Chi, Anthro bowls, or Sewing machine for anything!)  It was totally about being with everyone. We all went to the Christmas Eve service at church, the kids enjoyed singing all the Christmas carols. And after presents and breakfast the boys had a TON fun playing football out back...even if Uncle Craig totally dominated! 

After warming up and taking a few naps (yess!!) Mom and Dad came over,
we exchanged gifts and played Giant Risk [i'll post pics soon!] so much fun!
THEN......it started to SNOW!
A WHITE CHRISTMAS! and it was so beautiful!
The flurries were the size of golf balls it seemed, and it just kept going for hours 

This most definitely didn't ruin Craig's plans for our Christmas cookout 

It was such a beautiful day.
best christmas ever. 

**I can't wait to share our hand made gifts from this year!**

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