08 December 2010

before and after

There is almost nothing that I love more than a before and after shot. It makes you feel like you can do anything....turn anything into a masterpiece!

At least thats how I felt after looking at these pictures from our friends at Design*Sponge

The shape of this chair is so unique...not something easily found.

I'm totally in love with this blue color right now. Anything painted in it draws my eye automatically!
Looks like its time for tea :)

What a bold color!
I love the combination of the b&w tiled floor and the dark grout in between the subway tiles!
I wish I could see the bedroom attached to this...I see that pillow peeking out
of the corner. Beautiful!

The retro pattern on this chair just works!
My great-aunt used to have an old telephone chair similar to this,
It makes me wish we had kept it and refinished it....bummer.

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