08 December 2010

Home Office

I'm switching around my guest room and office after christmas to give my office some room to breathe. Im so excited! There will be so much more room for both of our desks as well as more wall space to surround me with inspiration! ((plus Craig got me this giant easel from his store-I'll post pics as soon as we get it to the house!))

I found myself browsing the web trying to find inspiration for my new endeavor and I've found some great ideas (and some i-wishes..) from MarthaStewart.com

Okay, I'm sooo in love with these colors!! That green is to DIE for!

How sweet is this corner nook? 
I am definitely going to need some magazine organizers. 

What a cool way to schedule your day :) 
Do they make chalkboard paint in colors? Because that would be awesome! 

Okay, Okay...those pictures we're sweet....
but this one takes the cake! Oh my.
What an amazing studio this is. It was posted by a viewer and all I could think was
"someone actually gets to live here?! whoa." 
What a dream <3 Everything from the brick wall on the left, to the chartreuse paint on the walls, and that RED refrigerator! Shut your mouth. 

Okay, I think I feel plenty inspired now ;)

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