30 December 2010

Birthday Wishes...

In 3 short weeks I'll be 22
In celebration of this wonderful day, which I know you're all counting down to...patiently waiting for that moment that you can call me up and tell me that you hope I have the best. day. ever!!! No? In fact you didnt even know it was coming up? well fine then. 

Either way I have a few birthday wishes :) 

Holga Camera Sale $59.99
West Elm

Boots!!! I like these from Target
Only $23.99

To see these guys play at CenterStage. oh please!

Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles $10.99

Maybe a few sewing books....

A weekend get a way with Craigy and these guys!! 

A girl can dream...right?? 


  1. haha I think those are great choices ;) Hope you have a great new year x

  2. such good picks! I find myself wanting a Holga lately too :)


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