29 December 2010

5 things i totally love...right now

1my new reading nook
remember this picture that I said I wanted to paint?? 
well, I finished it...aaand I love it!
[[I thought the grays would look better in the room]]

2 These adorable knit blankets
you'll be seeing these again in my "2011 to do list'' post! :)
They're sooo simple, yet sooo sweet! 

Itzfitz makes the most adorable handmade wreaths! 
These are 12'' but you can buy them in larger sizes.
Turns out it doesn't need to be Christmas to have a welcoming entrance!

4 Amy Butler
Her fabrics are so beautiful and this book has so many neat patterns in it!
I'm looking forward to picking up some of her fabric
during my trip to NC next week :) 

5 Old Fashioned Typewriter
I saw someone making labels for their clothing line by
literally putting the fabric through an old type writer. It had such an 
amazing look. Very unique! 


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