25 April 2011

day 25

dress: F21
tights: Target
boots: Target
belt: Aerie
necklace: AE

Happy Monday!!
Today definitely felt like a Monday at work....
I really dislike Mondays. 
Sorry Monday...but Thursdays are better.

As much as I dont like Mondays...something amazing happened today!
A little fairy, we'll call her mommy, came into my house while we were working and did a few mountains of laundry, vacuumed, dusted and even changed out my fragrance diffuser. 
Aren't mommies the best?!! 
I can't even describe the amount of stress that was relieved, lol.
We get so busy sometimes and we forget the basics. Like grocery shopping too (which we did tonight...yess!!)

Life is good. 
I get to see 2 of my besties this weekend! I'm soo excited!
Also, I'll be getting a MUCH MUCH MUCH needed hair cut and color!! I cant believe I've taken 25 pictures to show you and I havent even done my hair! 

Head on over to Holly's blog to see what she wore today!!

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