26 April 2011

day 26

button-up: H&M
shirt: Gap
pants: Gap
shoes: Target

am I really not wearing any jewelry?? ....guess not.

As you can see here, I am totally out of poses. I'm running out of clothes and ways to show them, haha!

my nose is sooo stuffy, and its driving me crazy!! I never have allergies, but I can totally sympathize with you all now. 

Kennedy got into the trash can in the office and now I have to pick up all the trash because somebody left the lid off of it. Yeah, Craig....I'm talkin bout you.

I have to ship a candle to Indonesia tomorrow. 

We're leaving for NC soon, so I need to pack. aaaaand yes, friends, I will be getting my hair done as soon as we arrive! Because no, I was not trying to have the whole 'ombre' hair color thing going on...it just happened that way. 

...but maybe I should start telling people that I did mean to have this cool new hair trend that all the celebrities are doing. Then I would be cool. 

I think thats all that I have for tonight! I hope you all sleep well!

Check out Holly's blog to see what she wore today!
Only 4 days left! xox

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