10 April 2011

day 10

button up: Gap
tshirt: Express
trousers: Gap
shoes: Target
watch: Fossil
ring: Aerie
sunnies: American Eagle

oh my gosh, you guysssss! we're into the double digits!!

I have to be completely honest with you...today was the first day that I was like 'ohh man! what am I going to wear?!!!' and then I tried on a million things, and none of it worked. and I was running late. and my hair wasnt dry. and i was panicking....just sayin. 
thats just the reality of 30 for 30, sometimes its easy, sometimes it isnt. 

Holly and I did our photos together today..I just love these blue windows!

can I just say that it takes a lot of guts to paste a huge picture of your face up...?? 
cause it totally does. I feel extremely self-conscience about it. 
Man, I'm really just opening up and layin it on the table for you guys today! 

Anyways, this has been the best weekend ever,
and it isnt even over yet!
ohhh!! I forgot to tell you guys that yesterday an old high school friend of mine tracked me down and asked me be a writer for gman magazine, a digital magizine that he is starting. I feel so honored that he would ask me to be a part of something so exciting! I'll be writing about trends, decor, new products and doing some fun tutorials! 
I'll be sure to keep you guys updated, the first issue is set to be released this June! 


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  1. This is one of my favorite outfits you've done so far!


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