21 April 2011

day 20

dress: H&M
tights: Target
shoes: Target
necklace: AE
bracelet: Aerie

Only 10 days left!! whoa, its gone by sooo fast!!

Today I got a TON of shipment in for the ICE show, so excited. I still have a few things coming in the mail and a few things, like business cards, that I still need to order. I feel like I have a ton of time, but in reality its going to go by like that *snap!* 

I wonder what Holly wore today?? This is the first day in about a week that I haven't seen her. I bet shes going through Ashleigh withdrawals.

We had a visitor during our photo shoot...this little one was lost. He is sooo playful! Don't worry, we found his owner, and Kennedy Buttons was extremely jealous that we were playing out side with another dog without her. 

Also, she ate a lot of styrofoam. I think I should probably be worried. I mean... a lot. I think she thought they were cheetos, because they look exactly like old cheetos. Like the white cheddar ones. 

Those are my favorite. 


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