21 April 2011

day 21

dress: Urban Outfitters
top: Gap
tights: Target
shoes: Target
belt: H&M

I'm feeling rather pensive today...
okay not really..but I thought the outfit deserved to look smart. 

Tonight Craig and I are BOTH going to be at the house AT THE SAME TIME! what?!!! I know! I'm going to try to take advantage of it by doing some cleaning, laundry, and I would really love to get some small grocery shopping done. But we're both so exhausted that we'll probably just veg out on the sofa. Very rarely do we get to do that anymore and we like to take advantage of it when we can....although if I dont do laundry soon Craigs going to be out of undies. 

hmm....decisions, decisions. 
I think maybe thats what I'm thinking about in my picture. 

Anyways, check out what my lovely friend, Holly, is wearing today...and if you're feeling rather generous *cough mom cough* come on over and help yourself to some dirty laundry. I'll feed you! Pinky promise. 


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