16 April 2011

5 things i totally love...right now

these necklaces from verabel are to die for! gorgeous.

2 pretty nook
Savannah over at MaieDae just created this adorable little nook in her kitchen. She has some seriously cute finds here! I am absolutely loving those vintage mugs on the 2nd shelf!

3 Funnel Cake!!
Holly and I enjoyed this beauty today at the Dogwood festival. Totally worth the mile we had to walk to get to it! yummy.

umm...probably the cutest baby onesies on the planet. 
and no, i am absolutely not prego, but i know someone who is... ;)
or better yet, can i just get one in adult size?? k.thanks!

5 new west elm product
well, you did it again, west elm! except better. 
these bowls and mugs are amazing! yes, you all know that i have some strange addiction to bowls, and i have to buy adorable mugs (even though i dont drink coffee....) i really think they would look great in my new cabinet. hmmm....

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