07 April 2011

day 7

shirt: American Eagle
jeans: F21
boots: Target
necklace: American Eagle
ring: Aerie

Hello friends!
Today makes 1 week that I've been sharing my outfits with you...I'm really enjoying it. I've already told Craig "...when I do this again, I think I'll...." and he's all like ''great...how many pictures am I going to have to take?!?!!'' 
okay, he didnt say that, but I know he's thinking it. 
kidding! He's such a good sport, and he's so encouraging..I'm really lucky to have him. 

Tonight is our chinesetakeout/movie/sofa night! 
Those really are the best kind of nights, it seems like they're few and far between here lately. We're soo busy, but I secretly love it. 

Hope you guys have a terrific night, dont forget to check out Holly's look. Isnt she just precious? 
Love her.


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