03 April 2011

day 3

cardigan: Aerie
t-shirt: Express
pencil skirt: Urban Outfitters
wedges: Target
necklace: Aerie
watch: Fossil

The weather this weekend couldn't be any better! The weather man said that its supposed to be 80 degrees tomorrow
......hello spring!! 
I'm really enjoying this little experiment, its totally not something I would normally do...and I love that its making me think outside of what I typically wear, aka jeans and tshirts. It also has me creating outfits that I've never put together before. 
((but then again, I guess thats the idea right...? well its totally working!!!))
I recommend doing this with a friend too! Holly is keeping me inspired by totally rockin' her outfits!
I'm really going to have to work on my poses, though. You should all be excited for the blooper reel at the end of this whole thing. Its going to be ridiculous. 
Seriously, you would think I've never taken a photo before....

Happy Sunday!!

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