17 April 2011

day 17

top: F21
skirt: Urban Outfitters
boots: Target
necklace: Aerie
belt: Abercrombie
(Im pretty sure I bought that belt with a pair of capris when I was 12...)

I know...I'm glowing. 
No, its not cause I'm prego (geez guys! give that one up!)
I'm just really happy these days. Life is good. Working hard and playing hard, thats the way to do it, my friends. Inspiration is everywhere and I'm trying my very best to grab on to every single drop of it. 

*note: it actually looks like i'm glowing only because the sun was blazing this afternoon. but still. 

We went out with some friends after church this afternoon...pizza for lunch, mini golf for dessert...and then icecream for, well, 2nd dessert. My outfit was a little tired after all that fun in the sun. 

I've been incredibly lucky to spend all weekend with this cutie. 
he makes my life happy. 

speaking of cuties....check out what Holly did today for her 30for30 challenge!

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